Teaching and learning are two factors of the same topic. If one wants to confirm the level of teaching of a teacher then it can be determined by the number of students attending the teaching of that particular person. It is a profession that is based on few very noble assumptions and teaching is the only job which creates something very gentle from an illiterate and blank mind. There are different types of teaching approaches in society.

As the institute ERP of various educational institutions says teaching is such a noble and great profession which not only gives life to the boring and confused lifestyles of an individual student. We have seen the interesting and dedicated way these teachers were performing their duty of teaching and were not only taking care of student’s needs and psychology but also were completing the course with the help of some education apps like classroom apps.

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Classroom apps help many students in such crucial times and get the course of many students completed in time by distributing proper information to the students according to the syllabus. According to institute ERP this whole hard work and strategy was accomplished due to application of various teaching models and approaches. Various teaching methods provide various methods to deal with different kinds of learning abilities of the students.

All the students have different learning abilities and their capacity to grasp also differs. Hence it is necessary for the teachers that they should apply educational practices according to the need of the situation and according to the student’s capacity to learn. So, students can make their future bright and shining if the best educational practices are applied.

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There are many educational practices present in the education world but few are very popular because of their effectiveness on the all academic process of students. Today any best school management software, if asked, will suggest to first instill love for learning in the hearts of the students. If students love learning and studying then tutors will never have to force them to learn. Tutors should conduct standardized tests in a limit so that a stress free learning environment can be created for the students. Tutors should know their students and find out what they are interested in so that these can be connected to the tutor’s learning objectives. Even the best school management software suggests that it will not be an easy task but when kids will jump in happiness and joy while talking about what they are learning at school, it will be worth it.

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The best way to teach the students is to create an environment of cooperation instead of competition. It is true that a little and healthy competition encourages the students to do better in their academics but tutors should focus on creative collaborative environment in the class, where students should help each other in each and every academic task they get and should be helpful to their every peer in the assignments they receive to do because this collaborative environment not only creates care and love for others but also makes the students understand the real meaning of teamwork which is necessary for the students to know for their future professional life and growth in it.

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The utmost target tutors should be to instill and induce knowledge in the minds of the students, not to find out the best and most brilliant student among the whole class. Therefore, tutors need to escape from giving too much of the tests and homework beyond the learning capacity of the students because it is needed that students should take interest in learning and not get irritated due to excessive homework. Students should never be given so much homework which can take more than 30 minutes. This should be their standard time of completion of homework.

Parents play an important role in the life of children in every field. That’s why children feel strong and for women to be good mother.

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Tutors need to create a more relaxed atmosphere in the class where after seeing the tutor students should become ready to have something very exciting instead of getting scared as soon as they see the tutor. Students should get proper breaks, snack breaks, recesses long enough to stretch a bit and to stroll a little bit in the class so that they should not get cramps in their back sitting for long hours of learning in the class.

Tutors should create some humour in the class also to make the atmosphere lighter and to make kids laugh so that they can enjoy learning.

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