Now more than ever, the environment is a top priority. So why go to zero waste? How can you “do” or become involved in zero waste? We talk about it!

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But let’s go back to our zero-waste way of life:


Understand the 5Rs and the concept of zero waste

The 5Rs rule is as follows:

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  • Refuse (or reject) what we don’t need;
  • Reduce our consumption;
  • Reuse (but also repair or donate);
  • Recycle what we can’t refuse, reduce or reuse;
  • Return organic matter to the earth (i.e. compost).


Start with small, everyday actions

You won’t become zero-waste overnight, so taking it one step at a time is better than getting discouraged. Limiting waste also means paying particular attention to the packaging of your everyday products. Beware products with lots of unnecessary packaging, such as over-wrapped packets of biscuits or toothpaste with cardboard packaging. Instead, opt for products with less packaging and large formats with recyclable packaging. These products will also help to reduce the cost of your shopping trolley.

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Review your recycling instructions

Although selective sorting is now one of the most critical ecological gestures, sorting errors can quickly occur, wiping out the efforts of many French people! To maximise waste recycling at home, keep up to date with the sorting instructions in your local area. In France, sorting instructions vary from town to town, and it’s easy to make mistakes. Please pay close attention to the instructions on your communal bins, as only some things can be placed in them. Sometimes you’ll have to go to your local waste collection centre to get rid of some rubbish. Also, look for recycling information on the packaging of your products, although the ultimate aim is to limit the purchase of single-use items! The Zero Waste approach aims to reduce our waste production as much as possible.

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Help reduce food waste.

Who still remembers a damaged vegetable or unfinished leftovers in the fridge? To limit food waste, good habits go hand in hand with organisation! Before you go shopping :

– list the food you need,

– systematically check the use-by dates of your products;

– plan your meals for the week with menus and the corresponding shopping list.


Set up a compost bin to recycle your food waste

While you can reduce some of your food waste, organic waste that cannot be eaten is still produced. To minimise this and help recycle your waste, you can set up a compost in your garden. Peelings, coffee grounds, eggshells and other organic waste can be given a second life. Specialist gardening retailers have a range of composters to suit all types of homes. Yes, it’s possible to compost in a flat – you don’t even need a garden! There are also many collective composting points in neighbourhoods. The choice for individual, collective, or worm composters is yours!

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Take advantage of the growing offer of reusable products

These days, it’s much easier to get the right equipment to go zero-waste! Some experts can help you make the switch.


Zero waste in your bathroom with solid cosmetics

In recent years, many brands have developed their product ranges to offer healthier and more sustainable solutions. In terms of cosmetics, organic retailers are increasingly offering solid cosmetics solutions. These products play an active part in reducing waste in your bathroom. You’ll find products from various brands renowned for their healthy, environmentally friendly products online and in stores. In the La Vie Claire shop, you’ll find organic shampoos (solid and non-solid), soaps and solid deodorants, all as practical as they are effective.

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Reusable feminine hygiene products

Every month, a woman uses various feminine hygiene products (towels, tampons), representing additional household waste. Although these products cannot be recycled, there are alternatives to help women through their period while limiting waste. You’ll find menstrual cups, reusable towels and washable period pants. These solutions are more economical in the long term, as you can keep these feminine hygiene products for several years.


Sustainable alternatives in the kitchen

To reduce your kitchen waste as much as possible, why not replace your usual sponges, which quickly get damaged, with dishwashing brushes or copper scouring pads? You can also easily replace your plastic tins with reusable glass containers. This is a much better alternative to plastic, as plastic containers can release toxic substances when heated. Another simple thing to do in the kitchen is to stop buying bottled water and use water bottles or filter solutions instead.

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