Schools and universities have already started with hybrid classes, taking the help of both traditional teaching ways and online teaching app to continue with the new normal. Besides teachers adapting to the different methods to teach online and offline, students also need to quickly realize how important it is for them to focus on both of them.


The problem is that some students would focus on online classes more because they have been doing so for the past two years, and some would love offline ones. Here are some ways you can prepare for both;


  • Understand the learning process
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You cannot master any skill in a day, it is due to constant practice and commitment towards the work that makes you better at it. The same goes for hybrid learning.


Never bash yourself up for making mistakes, no matter how big or small. Unless you make mistakes, you will not learn what to do right. Moreover, it is acceptable for students to forget where they can access learning material, and how they can use some features provided in learning management systems due to the constantly updating and changing systems. Take your time, slowly and steadily you will also get perfect with online as well as offline classes.

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  • Know what to expect


Because you’re going back to school after such a long time, you must know that things will not be the same. Expecting it to suddenly be as it used to be unfair to you and the other students, including the teacher. The first thing that will prevail is social distancing. It is for the benefit of all other students who are attending offline classes, and although socializing processes will be hindered, you can experience half or a little more of what life used to be before the pandemic.


  • Get used to technology


Chances are that you will still be using all the same things such as your online classes app, website, and device features, to learn regularly. don’t rush things because now you have some time to prepare before your semester even begins. Stay in the practice of using your device, and features, so that you don’t get out of touch with the technology made use of in a classroom.

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You might want to ask your teacher where your assignments will be posted, and whether the hybrid online classes app will be in the same format as that of the previous one. Probabilities are that it will remain the same because even the schools have other things to focus on rather than learning how to teach online efficiently.


  • Socialize


Unless you communicate with others you will never get to understand the challenges upcoming and be able to experience the social support from all your teachers and classmates. Schoolwork can get extremely difficult, and you will face a similar situation says that of your classmates. When everyone comes together to discuss their problems, they find a solution quickly because everyone can pitch in with their opinions. Even if one particular person cannot provide the most useful way of solving a problem, there is always another next best alternative.

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United we stand and divided we fall!


  • Organize your work


There is a lot to arrange, you have to get back to school notebooks, a hard copy of textbooks, a soft copy of assignments, and so much more. Students can easily get lost in the amount of workload they have and break down rather than channelizing school tasks. Hybrid learning is easier when you organize everything, have two different categories of assignments and notes for offline classes and online classes. You can combine some subject notes because ultimately the concept is the same and for examinations, there is no distinction.

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In case you have dual examination systems where you are required to give half the portion offline and half through a website, you might want to practice different sets of questions so that you have experience in both.


  • Cut out distractions


You should not have any time for distractions because no you have doubled the trouble, attend live classes and also complete offline assignments. To cut distractions out, you have to practice every day, and this practice takes a lot of determination. Motivate yourself as much as possible, with proper breaks so that studying does not seem like a burden.

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