The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducts examinations for aspirants all over the country. Once the aspirants crack the exams, they require special qualifications to manage appointments, prepare an annual report, and maintain discipline in government services. The examinations are conducted to recruit candidates for Central Services, All India Services, and Public Services for different Indian UTs, and states. The candidates are required to be up-to-date with current affairs and their core subjects.

Thus, we focus on preparing the candidates for recruitment into top government services like IFS, IPS, IRS, etc., and manage the applicant’s time during the exam, which is one of the major concerns for many UPSC aspirants.

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What is UPSC?

UPSC is a central agency conducting examinations to recruit applicants from all over India, pertaining to Engineering Services, Civil Services, Defence Services, Statistical Services, Economic Services, and Police Force Services. To qualify the exam, it is important to practice UPSC question papers.

UPSC posts for Civil Services can be applied through CSE (Civil Service Examination) for 24 different services; majorly including:

  • Indian Police Services (IPS)
  • Indian Forest Services (IFS)
  • Indian Administrative Services (IAS)

What Makes Solving Previous Year UPSC Question Paper Indispensable?

Are you one of the aspirants who want to clear the UPSC examination on the first attempt? Several people apply for the UPSC posts throughout the country every year, but only a few get selected. This examination contains 3 stages, including:

  1. Prelims
  2. Mains
  3. Interview
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To go through all these stages and clear one of the toughest exams in the country, the aspirant should a person of focus, commitment, and sheer will. It does not matter how extensively you study; what’s needed is your rigorous practice in reference to the previous year’s question paper. As they will introduce you to the aspects of preparation and hit the nail accordingly after checking the previous years’ question paper’s style and format.

The candidates must be aware of these changes to know what was added last year and how they should use it by referring to the previous year’s UPSC question papers in the upcoming exam.

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Not just this, there are many other reasons. So, let’s dive in to know why solving last year’s UPSC question paper is pivotal:

  1. Develop Preparation Strategy

Getting acquainted and solving the previous year’s question paper will aid you in developing a robust preparation strategy for your upcoming UPSC exam. Moreover, it will facilitate tracking the progress and brief the aspirants on essential areas of improvement.


2. Exam Pattern

Comprehending the UPSC exam pattern of the previous year is the key to cracking these examinations. It makes the process much easier for candidates.

Knowing the previous exam patterns will also help aspirants gather information about the syllabus and topics. Additionally, they will also be brief about the type, nature, and format of the questions being asked in the 2 stages, prelims and mains, which will build the aspirant’s knowledge base and help them prepare a study strategy accordingly.

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3. Revision

So, what will ensure you are ready for one of the most arduous examinations in the country? It is the revision. The best way to revise your topics is to solve the previous year’s question paper available at BYJU’s Exam Prep which will help you evaluate your performance and work on the areas where you need improvement.

4. Understand the Question Type

The UPSC question papers for the previous years enable the new applicants to take note of the questions more in-depth. It allows them to mark important keywords used in questions such as analyse, discuss, examine, etc. These keywords will facilitate them in writing appropriate answers and outer perform their competition.

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5. Self Assessment

One of the most crucial aspects to clear the UPSC examination is self-assessment. It will help you know where you stand currently. Therefore, an aspirant must undergo the self-assessment test once they are fully prepared for these exams as it will help them get an idea of their level of preparation.

After completing this test, analyse the mistakes and redefine your strategy to perform better in the actual exam.

Now, you know, to clear the UPSC examination, it is imperative to solve the previous year’s question paper


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